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Ukrainians in the Service of Russia


The Enko phenomenon in Russia has been noted and commented in the past. The late Ukrainian scholar, author and historian Dr. Roman Rachmanny, in his book In Defense of the Ukrainian Cause, reflects on the significance to Russia and to the world of the Enko factor in his Chapter 10, titled Comrade Enko - The Warhorse of Russia.

The rise to the top in Russia of so many gifted Ukrainians, writes Dr. Rachmanny,

. . . represent[s] the natural pressure of the Ukrainians for acknowledgment of their share in the empire. This also reflects the dependence of the empire on the Ukrainian reservoir of specialized manpower. [. . .] It has been estimated that Ukrainians make up at least one-third of the skilled personnel in Soviet technology, research, and scholarship.

Published in 1979, these observations do not lose, but gain in their pungency 30 years later.

The obverse side of this intriguing coin is reflected in the question, what name endings would signal an evident Russian genome? Of these, there would be surprisingly few: "-ov", "-ev", "-in", and "-sky", this last overlapping with the Ukrainian. This is another indicator, perhaps, of how badly Russia needs Ukraine if she wants to shore up her empire. If no Ukraine, then no talent and no empire. All the more urgency, then, to the ongoing Russian campaign of sabotage and vilification of the governance of neighbouring Ukraine.

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