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Analysis of John Demjanjuk Munich Trial Developments

As an aid to adequate understanding of this case, a considered perusal of Dr. Will Zuzak's Demjanjuk archive at

would be very helpful to the reader. This archival site draws away the veil from the salient (but seldom articulated) motives underlying the current persecution of John Demjanjuk in Munich.   More particularly, the reader's attention is invited to Section "D" of the referenced archive, titled Soviet attitude toward Ukrainian independence.

For ease of reference, here are recent comments posted by researcher Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak, PhD, at several locations on the internet:

After 33 years of featuring the Trawniki ID Card as the sole documentary evidence placing John Demjanjuk in German uniform, suddenly the Kremlin wants to take the public’s attention to some freshly-discovered documentary evidence [see, for instance, here as published on 24 March 2010]. How convenient, just when it has been shown that the “Demjanjuk” signature on that Trawniki ID Card is forged, and has been obliterated to conceal that it was forged:


And how convenient to deflect attention away from the Trawniki ID Card just when it has been shown that it was not the German military during the war, but the KGB in recent times, who glued the photograph of John Demjanjuk to that card:


Yes, the Kremlin has good reason to want us to stop thinking about that Trawniki ID Card, to stop remembering that there ever was a Trawniki ID Card!

And notice how the Kremlin did not submit this new evidence to the Munich court because it never submits its evidence to any court, not to the court that tried John Demjanjuk in Jerusalem, and not to the current Munich court–because the Kremlin doesn’t want to take responsibility for its evidence or to answer questions concerning it or to supply a chain of custody.  It always gives its evidence to some third party who then hands it in to the court.

І haven't seen a shred of evidence to contradict any of the arguments in the articles above, only vague talk of "papers" that are claimed to prove what Trawniki Card 1393 is unable to prove.

Flashback to John Demjanjuk's many years on death row in Israel (Feb. 1986 - Sept. 1993): condemned to hang for a crime he did not commit, shoe-horned by his accusers into the Procrustean bed of the ghoulish imaginary monster Ivan the Terrible, faced daily with endless humiliations, but nevertheless retaining the fullness of mind to express himself intelligently in his native Ukrainian and to write in a fluent, simple, sane, and educated hand,

thus putting the lie to the media-cultivated cardboard image of him as a crude buffoon and a near-illiterate.

Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak, a retired Professor of experimental psychology at a major university, reflects here on the comparison between the spiritually-invincible John Demjanjuk, victim of real, ongoing, shattering injustice; and fiction writer Franz Kafka, this latter agonizing with frayed nerves over imaginary injustice; and finds in the comparison the real and present victim immeasurably more expressive, more human, more civilized, and more sympathetic.

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